Ratecard for Quality Jobs

If you have a role in quality or audit, from engineering, construction or manufacturing to aerospace, financial services or IT, we have the platform to put your job in front of over 10,000 CQI members and 11,000 IRCA members worldwide.

If you would like to advertise on Quality Jobs, please call our recruitment advertising team at Redactive on 020 7880 7662 or e-mail


Every recruitment campaign on QualityJobs starts with a basic listing and logo.

Standard job - £830 + VAT

The listing and logo will appear whenever a relevant search is entered.  You can receive responses directly to your email address or direct candidates to your website to apply from there.


Once you have purchased your listing and logo it is a good idea to enhance your campaign.  This will help you to stand out from the crowd and maximise your response rates.  

Premium job - £1050 + VAT

Targeted job - £1995 + VAT

Home Page MPU - £350 + VAT
Animated advert in the centre of the home page that links through to any number of vacancies

Run of Site banner - £550 + VAT
Animated campaign that runs on every page of the website and links through to any number of vacancies

Run of site sky scraper - £450 + VAT
Animated campaign running down the right hand side of every page of the  that links through to any number of vacancies

Quality World magazine - starting at £1995 + VAT
Advertise your vacancy in the recruitment section of Qualityworld, the official magazine of the CQI.


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