My job is at risk – what should I do?

In these uncertain times many CQI members fear for their jobs and want to know what they can do to either avoid redundancy or prepare for the worst. Here are some simple pointers that can help you feel more in control. First, take stock of where you are in your current position. It should go without saying that you need to make sure that you are on target with your objectives and plans – these are the hard facts that people look at in terms of achievement. Hopefully you are already using a constructive “can-do” attitude at work as opposed to putting roadblocks in the way of progress.

Have a close look at current activities to make sure that what you are doing:

• Looks to add real value by reducing either risk or waste

• Is focused on important issues that are visible to the organisation’s decision-makers rather than internal systems issues

This is not a time to be hiding your light under a bushel – make sure your worth is visible.

Believe it or not, the financial crisis provides an opportunity to show the benefits of quality assurance and risk management. A measured approach to providing products and services that both satisfy customer needs and minimise business risk will do this. Pick any examples of current quality issues and point out what you have in place to protect the company’s sustainable future by preventing similar occurrences. If you struggle for ideas visit the “In the News” thread on the CQI web forums for inspiration.

Update your CV – thinking specifically about those current achievements. With hundreds of people chasing each vacancy, you will have to demonstrate how you have contributed in your current role in order to make your abilities attractive to future employers. Bear in mind you may have to go outside your current industry so emphasise the transferable nature of quality skills.

Make sure you are prepared to make your move back into work in the event of becoming unemployed. As a member of the CQI you should benefit from greater professional recognition, access to recruitment adverts in both QW and on the CQI website, CPD opportunities and also from use of the system of branches and special interest groups. The latter two will help you build up your network of contacts. Many organisations are filling jobs through contacts rather than going through the time and expense of advertising vacancies and selection. Don’t be disheartened. Although it is true that some good people will lose their jobs in the recession the other truth is that good people are always in demand.


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