I am starting a new job as a manager. What are some of the top-level considerations?

Entering a new organisation can be daunting at any level, but can pose particular challenges for senior staff. Life can be lonely at the top but to ensure you develop a good relation­ship with your staff and fellow col­leagues it is vital to establish credibility from the start. Demonstrating con­fidence is crucial, and your team or co-workers will quickly notice if you lack the ability to make relevant deci­sions. Your leadership skills are crucial, so it is important your manage­ment expertise is effectively demonstrated from the start.


Key rules for new manag­ers and directors, regardless of industry sector:

• Don’t keep referring to how things were done in your old company

• Avoid too many introductory meet­ings which you can’t follow up

• Don’t make decisions for the sake of appearing decisive

• Don’t not avoid firing someone in the hope that things will work out


• Do have a clear vision and detailed plan for the company

• Be a fast learner and get to know your company’s needs

• Know when to show patience and resilience


Following these rules can help you make a good impression and get the best from your staff.


Embrace innovation

The ability to innovate is becoming more important to the future success of all companies, demon­strated by tech giants such as Apple and Microsoft. As methods of innovation change, senior staff must implement new ideas, respond quickly to challenges and seize good opportunities. Fostering an “ideas culture” is a particular skill, and in today’s competitive environment success comes when those with a flair for ideas have the freedom to put them into action.


Take risks

Research has shown that individuals who are will­ing to take risks and can maintain high levels of self-belief are highly sought after. However, it is important to remember that it may take a while to implement new ideas or processes when entering a new company.


In summary, be open to new ideas, demonstrate problem-solving skills and don’t forget to motivate others in the process. To be successful, managers need to con­nect with their staff by understanding how they work and knowing what will encourage them to hit targets.


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