Why do I need to carry out continuing professional development?


At the CQI we are starting to get enquiries about continuing professional development requirements for chartered quality professionals. In order to meet the requirements of our Royal Charter we need to demonstrate we are monitoring CPD. It’s time to review what CQPs need to do and, indeed, all other member grades as well.


Forms are available from the CQI website for you to decide and record what your professional development needs are, how you plan to meet them and to record completion. The idea is, as a profession to decide what we are going to need to stay up to date and develop our careers. Objectives should fall naturally from what your organisation is doing and the direction it’s taking. You may also have a long-term goal outside your current organisation. The best way is to start with a long term objective and include medium- and short-term steps towards achieving the goal.


Once you have decided on your objectives for learning and development it is a case of planning a way to fulfil them. If, for example, one objective is to keep up-to-date with current trends in quality you may decide to do this through a combination of reading, attending branch events or taking courses. There are many different ways of carrying out CPD. Further ideas could be carrying out independent research

or being mentored by someone with knowledge and skills you want to develop. The CQI’s idea of a needs-based CPD system is not a ‘numbers game’ – when CQI members go on a massive points hunt when the call comes to submit evidence.


At least annually you need to make sure you are on track with your plan. This is an opportunity to make sure it remains valid and that planned CPD has taken place. You may have also undertaken some unplanned CPD and your log should be updated to reflect this. It is sensible to get someone else who knows your job to review your plan and give you feedback – this could be your boss at a performance review meeting. Get them to endorse your CPD records in case they are called for.


Based on your review decide whether you need to do anything differently. If not you have a stable CPD process! If you do decide you need to change your strategy don’t be disheartened – it just reflects the ever-changing world we live in!


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