30 seconds: that’s all the time your CV has to work

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It’s worth taking the time to think about this: on average most employers spend less than 30 seconds reading a CV. It may seem unfair on the applicant who has spent hours crafting their CV. But you have to think about it from the point of view of the recruiter. They may have a huge pile of CVs on their desk. A line manager waiting impatiently as a back log of work builds in their department. Employers are generally under significant time pressure to recruit so, as an applicant, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to say ‘yes’.

A two page CV is ideal for almost all job seekers. You need to get your story over quickly so there is little point in writing comprehensive detail across many pages. Focus on your most recent work history. That is usually representative of where you are at and what you will take to your next employer.

As the exclusive CV writing partner to Quality Jobs, CV Writers write powerful CVs that can enhance your career potential. They can also write and optimise Linkedin profiles, cover letters and application forms. There are a variety of discount packages available when taken together with your new CV.
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